Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SD Card Speed: Important for DSLRs

Recently I was trying to record video on my Canon EOS Rebel T2I, and for some reason, after about 10 seconds of recording, it stopped and showed the words "Video Recording Stopped Automatically". I was really confused by this. As it turns out, after a quick check from Google, I had an SD card at speed level 4, which was too slow to handle the T2I. The minimum for the T2I is class 6, which are extremely hard to find in stores, so I settled for the lightning fast class 10 SD card, and boy were the results astounding. My video playback was smooth with no auto stops and hitches to be found anywhere. I highly recommend getting a class 10 SD card if you own a DSLR, because the performance improvements to your camera will be astounding.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

HTC Sensation NOT As Powerful as EVO 3D

HTC recently announced their newest superphone to come to the market, the HTC Sensation. Many people believe this is their new flagship smartphone. The truth is, while it is one heck of a phone, it has nothing on the HTC EVO 3D. Compare the 1GB RAM (EVO) to the 768 MB (Sensation). Compare the 4GB ROM (EVO) to the 1GB (Sensation). When all is said and done, the  EVO 3D is the best smartphone currently available by HTC. Although, specs aside, the real feature that makes these phones sparkle is the new HTC Sense 3.0, which is absolutely breathtaking (see video here: to look at, and is fully functional too. I love everything about it. I'll see you guys soon and have a happy Thursday!

(image credited to Engadget) 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Black Ops Escalation Map Pack Leaked!

Just a short post today. Below you will find an image of the leaked Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation map pack. This will be fulfilling the promises of Treyarch who promised to make a new map pack besides First Strike. The one thing that stands out to me is the new zombie map. Looking forward to trying it out. See you guys later.

Image from Technobuffalo

Friday, April 1, 2011

IPhone 5 and Bionic to Co-Launch

Droid-Life snagged an image from a VZW tipster that shows the Motorola Droid Bionic and IPhone 5 both to launch on the same date, June 9th. This is disproving the previous thought that the new IPhone would not be launching at WWDC this year in turn launching at a later date, and since WWDC is the same week as June 9th, I'm pretty confident that this is legit news. I snagged some specs from the image that Droid-Life got (which will be below): A dual-core 1Ghz processor (presumably the Apple A5 chip), 4 inch retina display, a 5MP HD recording camera, and after that it gets too blurry for me to understand. If you get the last two bullet-points, be sure to post them in the comments. See you guys soon.

Huge Improvements to Blogger

Google has made many improvements to Blogger that are almost ready to be applied, and Google has made a couple of videos to hold us over. Large improvements to the Blogger dashboard and a cool HTML5 feed display are what are being showcased in the videos below. First is the "Have You Looked at Blogger Lately?" video which is explaining a few statistics about Blogger and what to look forward to in 2011, accompanied by some awesome music, in my opinion. The future dashboard looks jaw-dropping and certainly gives Wordpress a run for its money. Also, the new mobile sites template designer looks great.

Next is the new  HTML5 feed viewer for Blogger. This really is a great way to view some of your favorite blogs, but it really needs some work on the coding as I tried it in both Google Chrome and the HTML5 king, Internet Explorer 9. In both browsers every view lagged for me and on Chrome there were these odd red boxes around every image. Hopefully Google can clean up the code and make this run the way it was supposed to be run.

In the end, Blogger has established itself as a great Blogging tool, and continues to get better with interface updates and added features. Other blogging tools such as Typepad and Tumblr are struggling to catch up with  Blogger and Wordpress is now starting to look a little less impressive. Blogger is definitely my favorite Blogging tool and I believe it should be yours also. Be sure to share and bookmark using the bookmarks below.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review: Opera Mobile and Opera Mini For Android

Opera was always known as a great mobile browser in addition to its desktop version, and now they have stepped up their game with their new mobile browser iteration featuring Android. I will be doing a review based on three categories: Speed, Smoothness, and render accuracy. The scale will be 1/10.
Speed: Mobile: 9 Mini: 10
Opera is using the rendering engine called Presto, and man, is it fast. My Motorola Droid running Opera Mobile ran circles around my IPad in the tests I took. And Opera Mini is the best way to get the web with a low quality 3G or Edge connection. Opera mini uses Opera's server to compress webpages up to 90%, giving you unbelievable speeds.
Smoothness: Mobile: 10 Mini: 8
Opera Mobile really should give some tips to Google with processor optimization, because even with a heavy website on my elderly Motorola Droid, scrolling, zooming, and panning would make a Google Nexus S jealous. Nothing can compare to Opera Mobile when running a previous-generation device. Opera Mini sacrifices some smoothness with that webpage compression and half-rendered images, but it is still at least 2x as smooth as the stock Android browser.
Rendering Accuracy: Mobile: 7 Mini: 7
Both Opera Mobile and Mini use the same rendering engine so it us inevitable that their scores would be the same. Presto is very good at rendering webpages not designed specifically for phones, but has a little trouble properly displaying mobile web apps, such as Google's buzz web app. There is one thing to note though: Opera has just added adobe flash 10.2 support in Opera Mobile, which is a big plus.
Final Review: Mobile: 9.5 Mini 9
Opera Mobile is by far the best browser available on the Android platform, ahead of Dolphin, Xscope and even the stock browser. If it weren't for a few rendering issues this browser would definitely be a 10. Opera Mini is a solid 9 because it is the vest browser choice when you are on the go. It's lightning fast speeds and smooth scrolling put it out ahead of the pack. The only downside is the webpage compression reduces image quality, but that is to be expected. Please bookmark and share this post using the buttons down below and I'll see you guys soon! Image from

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blackberry OS 6.1 Brings Big Overhaul

Engadget is reporting that RIM will be bringing a UI overhaul with the latest version of Blackberry OS, version 6.1. Nothing has been hinted at, but we are expecting that it will be hinted at in Blackberry's expo "Blackberry World", this May. Tell me in the comments what you think will be featured in RIM's latest update! By the way, have you seen the HTC Sense that is on the Evo 3D? That is the best Android UI that I have ever seen. Be sure to check out the videos on Android Central for video of that. Be sure to bookmark and share, and I will see you guys soon!